The Burma Campaign


Veterans Organisations and Contacts

H4FA - Help for Forgotten Allies - a non-political charity helping Burmese tribes people who served the British cause during World War 2

Forces Reunited - probably the largest database of Forces and Ex-Forces personnel.  Run by Ex-Forces personnel

Burma Star - a website in support of the Burma Star Association and British veterans.  Includes unit details, medals, badges, links, contacts and discussions

656 Air Observation Post Squadron - run on behalf of the Squadron Association, the site also contains a brief unit history.  Buy a copy of "Fire by Order", the recollections of a former pilot - signed by the author himself

Other Burma and Related Historical Sites

The Anglo-Burmese Library A site dedicated to the collection, indexing and preservation of records and histories of families in colonial-era Burma. The link above takes you to the 'War Against Japan' page. Details available include lists of officers in the Burma Army.

Chindit Chasing, Operation Longcloth 1943 - Steve Fogden's excellent site.

Chindits Special Force Burma 1943-1944 - This site aims to tell the story of the Chindits. Research
is still in progress and new sections will be added when they are ready. The author welcomes feedback.

The Burma Campaign Society - A new historical study society established to promote understanding through research and debate of Britain and Japan's encounter during the Second World War and of the consequences of it.

The Kohima Museum - The Museum commemorates the deeds and actions of the British 2nd Division from 1942 - 1946

George Burgard's Flying Tiger Days -  a history of the AVG led by Claire Lee Chennault.  This site is built on a diary written by the author's father between September 24, 1941 and July 4, 1942, and his photo journal which was completed after he returned from Burma-China. 

The Battle of Imphal Project -  a project by Bandoola Productions on the The Battle of Imphal.  This work will lead, at a minimum, to a book and documentary film.  The main focus is the Shenan Ridge part of the battle.  The father of the Project Owner, Simon Sole, the then Major D.M. Sole, fought there as a Company Commander with the 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment.

Convoy Web -  a comprehensive World War 2 database listing the arrival and departure of merchant ships by port.  The site also documents thousands of convoys, detailing the merchant ships and their escorts.

The Special Operations Executive in Burma, 1941-1945 -  Secret agents and guerrilla armies in Burma in the Second World War by Dr. Richard Duckett.  The site includes a section on the men of S.O.E./Force 136 in Burma.

British Military History -  the British Army and British Indian Army before, during and after the Second World War, in the time period from 1930 to 1956. Provides an overview of the Arms and Services, formations and units, orders of battle for various formations, chronology of key events, history and personnel of higher formations, some divisional histories, biographies of notable personnel and regiments of the British and British Indian Army.

Other Links, Travel to Mynamar

Pandaw Boat

Pandaw River Expeditions - a journey on Burma’s Irrawaddy River is one of life’s great travel experiences. No vessel could be more appropriate for this than the RV Pandaw. Built in Scotland in 1947, the Pandaw is the same design as the original Irrawaddy Flotilla Company steamers.