The Burma Campaign

Personal Stories

These pages contain personal photographs, badges, documents and other memorabilia, kindly shared with the author by the families or friends of those who participated in the war in Burma.


Photographs of the demolition of the docks and warehouses at Rangoon in March 1942


Trooper Marrison, 150th Regiment, R.A.C. - reminiscences of a tank driver

Sergeant Major Wiliam Cunningham, R.A., R.A.O.C. and R.E.M.E. - served with the light anti-aircraft artillery in India

"Slim's Navy" - Dennis Juleff remembers the gunboats built for operation on the Chindwin and Irrawaddy Rivers

Michael Shwe, Burma Frontier Force - The life and times of a Karen signalman

Major Philip Lynton Hope - served with the Kachin Levies


Christmas Card 1944 and photographs of Sergeant H. Law, 13th L.A.A. Battery, 3rd L.A.A. Regiment, Indian Artillery

17th Indian Infantry Division - Christmas Card 1945

Diaries and Memoirs

Introduction to the Diary of Captain Geoffrey Collin, M.C., R.A. - 114th Field Regiment, R.A.

"Wartime Diary of Captain Geoffrey De Egglesfield Collin, M.C."

"Account of the Defence of Morgan Hill, Shenam Ridge - 1944" by Major-General Geoffrey C De Egglesfield Collin, M.C.

Memoirs of Major Hugh Graham: 8th Burma Rifles; 1st Burma Regiment; 2nd Burma Rifles (Chindits)