The Burma Campaign

The Chin Rifles

1st Battalion, The Chin Rifles

The 1st Chin Rifles was one of the first Government units to be engaged at Insein in January/February 1949.  The Commanding Officer was killed in a later action and accorded a state funeral.

2nd Battalion, The Chin Rifles

The 2nd Chin Rifles served in Tenasserim in early 1949 before being flown to assist with the defence of Rangoon and the siege of Insein.  It later fought in the Delta and retook Prome from the P.V.O. on 19th May 1950.

3rd Battalion, The Chin Rifles

The unit continued to be known as the Chin Hills Battalion until 1946, when it was reorganised as an artillery regiment and titled the 1st (Chin Hills) Anti-Tank/Mortar Regiment, Burma Artillery.  In 1947, the unit reverted to being an infantry battalion and was renamed the 3rd Chin Rifles in 1949.

4th Battalion, The Chin Rifles

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